~ ~ Some Tidbits About Me ~ ~

I’m glad that you decided to come play at SheSleepsWithSeaGlass!

Hi, I’m Amy also known as Bella ~


  I adore photographing the world, spending time seaside, creating, travelling and laughing!
Most days I find humor sprinkled all over the place. I like to uplift people, spread love and basically make a positive difference in this world.

I’ve been described as a life artist, creating art with acts of kindness.

I’m a curly headed dreamer and nature lover who loves life, craves the silly and appreciates itty bitty things.

And,  I do sleep with sea glass…I can’t seem to get enough of those magical gems! Not surprising since I love nature’s treasures and being near the water. Sometimes when I’m near the ocean, you can find me in the tidepools being amazed by little creatures and picking up the occasional slimy sea cucumber.

Follow my blog and chances are good that it will make you smile BIG!


© 2009 all images on this website ~ Please contact me at shesleepswithseaglass@yahoo.com if you wish to reproduce any images from this site.

All photos on this blog taken with my Canon Rebel XTI digital camera unless otherwise specified.


26 Responses to “~ ~ Some Tidbits About Me ~ ~”

    Looking forward to reading more about your life…

  2. This blog has such GREAT energy and a pure spirit…just like it’s author!

  3. happy nixie sigh 😉

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. i like the new photo! i love the blog!!!

  6. oh… and LOL…. i just noticed the “flower” in your hair, in this photo… hehehehehehe….

  7. I love your site and the pics are great!

  8. I love it 🙂 Great blog!

  9. I love your site, it’s so vibrant!

  10. Dig your description of yourself, bella-life-artist! Your photography is incredible and that photo of you is beautiful.

  11. Awwww, thanks, Matt! 😀

  12. Hey Bella,

    thanks for visiting me on my blog. I’m so happy to get to know you and i’m loving your site. Let’s keep in touch, ok?


  13. love the JOY
    splashing LOVE
    4 LIFE
    and Polka DOTS
    Sunshine SMILES
    Bella BELLA!

  14. Amy ~ All creatures great and small have lost a true friend. We will miss you. Love Tommy and peanut.

  15. ~You are now my beautiful daughter *Angel Amy* and I miss you so much~

  16. Just saying hi. Miss you.

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