Attitude Really Is Everything.


I’ve heard that a million times,             
  but I’m not sure if I’ve really, really
listened to it before now.

We’re in the midst of cold, snowy wintertime in the Midwest and even though I grew up here, I’m far from a winter lovin’ kinda girl!

I’m more of a bring on the heat ~ I don’t even care if there’s humidity, I’ll wear a sarong and throw my hair in braids kinda girl!

So, this winter I’ve been joking … I kept saying how I was going to try all these winter activities, spend a lot of time outside and really love it. I kept calling it the “winter that I love”.

It’s been a couple of months now and everyday that I have off work, you can find me in the woods on the snowy trails. I have found a peace in the quiet, joy in the small living things and the occasional creature and a happiness that comes from being outside often.

And, you know what?

For the first time ever, I really am loving winter!

So simple.

Completely true, how our words become our attitude
and how our attitude really is everything.

Happy Winter ~ I hope that you, too, are having an incredible time!


10 Responses to “Attitude Really Is Everything.”

  1. Holy cow! That tree is HUGE! I had no idea…..looks like you are in Antarctica or something 🙂 As always, I love your words, your heart, and your spirit.

  2. Wow.
    Just wow.

  3. awesome truth and photo bella!

  4. true and wise – it makes me happy seeing you by that tree …

  5. Happy winter…awesome friend….

  6. i have come back here because i followed your blog with interest Amy… your spirit will be missed on this big planet…

    a few posts ago you wrote

    “My heart is so full of love today, it feels like it’s going to explode and little sparkly bits are gonna fly all over the world as a result”.

    may you be those sparkly bits flying all over the world right now – i think some of them have landed in my eyes and in my heart…

    Rest in Joy, light, Peace, love Amy

  7. I am so sad and mad, Bella. Smad.

    I am sad that I never took that trip to see you. I am mad that I put it off. I am sad that I will never drink martinis with you. I am mad that I didn’t make it a priority to go to the midwest in Autumn to kiss piggies with you and Carrie. I am feeling so angry and cheated and so regretful that I worried more about my pocketbook at that moment than spent the stupid money that I probably spent on something else (see martini) when I could have been with you.

    So sad. So mad. Smad.

    I was talking to a friend in common tonight and she said that we already loved eachother like in-person daily friends. I did. I loved you and I’m so sorry. I am so sorry that we didn’t have that in person meeting.

    I will never ever ever forget you. I will never forget the words you wrote to me when I was sad. When I was questioning myself. When I felt like an ugly piece of poo.

    I will never forget.

    I wish I could have been there for you. I love you Amy and I’m so sorry. And smad.

    Forever yours, sister. I love your mug. See you on the other side for that martini, sweet mama.

  8. ~You are so beautiful and so missed~

  9. I miss your photos…. you were such an amazing photographer.
    I miss your writings…
    I miss you.

  10. Woah! Is there a fortress of solitude in there?

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