{ { { { { My Hair Is On Fire! } } } } }

Dear Blog Friends,

Yes, it’s true ~ my hair is on fire! I’m here, there and everywhere … busy, busy, busy! I’m having a lot of fun and enjoying life but I am truly
missing the blogging community and my blog friends!

I want to read your blogs and write in mine. I want to inspire you, encourage you, share photos and spread joy ~ None of that has changed so please know that I am here, maybe a little less but I plan to change that soon, okay? ♥

It has been a summer of excitement and travel,
swimming with manatees, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, watching fireworks, urban exploring, playing with my best friend, Kris, home from California, riding roller coasters, staying up too late giggling with friends, mojitoes enjoyed in the sunset, looking for seashells, sand between my toes, suntans and sunburns, the ups and downs of dating, photographing my baby cousin home from Japan, watching my friend crash around in the demolition derby, laughing and skipping and music and bright pink nail polish.

And, now it is fall.
More adventures to be had ~ 😀

Tonight around midnight I pick up my
mermaid friend from the airport.
We are gonna road trip to Northern Michigan.
Our other friends will come in next weekend for our friend, Mary’s wedding.

More excitement
and fun and I’m grateful
for this exciting life!

But, I miss you all.
Know that I’ll be back soon to play more, k?

Big, big love,
The girl who’s gonna fire extinguish her hair a little bit soon 😉


9 Responses to “{ { { { { My Hair Is On Fire! } } } } }”

  1. beautiful bella,
    we all have to take breaks sometimes.
    keep up with life and post when you can!great pic, too

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! love your blog and good know your busy with good things!

  3. This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!!

    (In fact…when life settles down a little….we need to chat about it…;))

  4. This picture “giggle”snort” makes me laugh!!!
    Great capture girl!!
    Have So Much FUUUUNNN!!!!!

    : ) Nico

  5. thought youd like this quote from storypeople:

    Her hair’s on fire in the hot sun
    & there’s no other sound in her head
    other than its slow, soft burning


    ps and look at my pic which is similar.esque to yours:

  6. love the photo! go have some fun….

  7. I *wish* my own life was THIS exciting!!!
    My favorite line in this posting is:

    “And, now it is fall. More adventures to be had” ~Amy Pratt

  8. ~Great picture~Glad you are having so much fun and hope to see you back with lots of pictures and stories~Enjoy~

  9. You picked me up.
    We had a beautiful road trip going back to our favorite places.
    You bought me a cherry ornament for my Christmas tree.
    We stayed on Mackinac Island and ate pasties and fudge.

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