I believe ~

That you really can find anything in this world that you search for.

And, that there really is beauty

everywhere ~

Sometimes you just have
to look a little for it. ♥


9 Responses to “I believe ~”

  1. i believe too! (please be careful when you do this, i worry about you)

  2. AMEN Sista!!!! AMEN!
    Not only Amazing Beauty…
    it’s also REALLY FUN when you bump into a little magic on your way!!
    Love you sweet girl!

  3. beautiful bella, thanks for the reminder. cool pic2!

  4. Bella, I do believe this is true. Very true. Beauty is everywhere, even in the most poignant of situations. To see beauty, we must cultivate it within us, then our eyes will always seek it out…

  5. Bella,
    What a wonderful message to spread!

  6. bEauTy
    r e m a i n s . . .

  7. I heart you guys!

    ( ( ( Stacey, Nico, Matt, Jan, Shannie Mae, Lance and Nicoletta ) ) )

    You all are beautiful ~ Thank you for playing here and posting! 😀

  8. This is a really cool picture. I love the deep turquoise-y windows and the overall general rundownness

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