I’m a different girl; I’m in love!

My friend Carrie came up for the weekend.
And, yesterday before she left, we went to IKEA.

I had never been there before
and I think I’m going to marry it.

Hey if this woman can marry the Eiffel Tower, well, then, I can marry IKEA, right?!

What a cool place to explore and get
creative ideas. We spent 4 hours in there!

There was so much that I never knew I needed
in so many colors that matched nothing I have
that I bought anyway!

Ahhhhh, I’m in the process of redoing a boring office into my art room and I’m completely excited! Next month, I plan to transform the room and I’ll definitely post pics of the progress.

Until then, I’m off to register at IKEA …

Just kidding!


10 Responses to “I’m a different girl; I’m in love!”

  1. i resisted for a very long time and wondered why as well 😀

    oh and thanks for leaving a comment on Random’s blog – he was confused getting something from a stranger, and i said it was probably one of my friends 😀

    • K8et, I think there’s something inside of us creative girls that just inherently *knows* that we will want to buy enough furniture, organizers and eye candy cool decorating accessories to fill 4 houses on our first trip there! 😉
      Oh, I should have specified on his blog who I was, oops!


  2. “Well, itz about time girl!!!”
    You know my WHOLE house is done in IKEA. I love it too!
    I’m glad you liked it

    • I told Carrie that you had been trying to convince me to go to IKEA for a looooooooong time, if only to get creative decorating ideas! There was a big white table that I think I’m going to get 2 of and use as long L-shaped art/computer desks. I’m really excited and their prices rock! 😀

  3. I had a blast popping your IKEA cherry! Love the stuff you bought and I can’t wait to see the transformation of your creativity room!

  4. Oh I LOVE me some IKEA 🙂 The best IKEA I’ve been to? The one in Florence, Italy…mainly because they call it ee-kay-ahhh 🙂

  5. i love that place its so cool to go there! i recently redid my parents office 🙂

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