Cute But A Little Bit Naughty.

Look at those little fluffs of goodness!
See that one in the back,
playing the role of caboose?
It’s looking at me, I think it wants me to hold it!


When I was a little curly haired girl in ponytails,
I lived with my family in a two story house with a sundeck on the second story.
It faced a lake that I loved and provided me with daily entertainment and my
best friend, Laura lived right next door.

It truly was a great place to be and to grow up.

One afternoon, Laura and I were exploring around the lake when we crossed paths with one of the city kids there on summer vacation. Playing with her for a bit, Laura and I spotted a goose couple with their yellow fuzzy new offspring nearby.

We dared the other girl to pick up a newborn goose with both of us never, ever expecting her to be able to perform that feat. It wasn’t a dare to be mean, just a silly childhood empty dare.

Little blond Tracey (aka the city girl) accepted our dare immediately, racing forward, easily lifting one of the baby geese and holding it gently to her chest.

I’ll never know if it was the mother or the father goose that moved next but one of them was ANGRY that their baby was clutched in the hands of a human child.

The large bird rushed up to Tracey while Laura and I stood unmoving in our shock as the goose proceeded to honk loudly over and over right in her face and wrap it’s wings around her in an aggressive hug move repeatedly.

Tracey, who was rightfully scared and her hands were still frozen holding the baby.

What felt like forever was probably only a couple minutes but finally she was able to let the baby go and then run like lightning back to her cottage where she was staying with her grandparents.

Laura and I slowly came out of our own frozen states. Within us there danced feelings of shock, intrigue and amazement intertwined with guilt and the fear that came from knowing that we were probably going to be in BIG trouble.

We walked slowly home and as the evening turned into night and eventually
the next morning, neither of our parents spoke to us about the event.

Whew, we never got punished or even talked to about it although
it hung over our heads from time to time.

For the rest of the summer, anytime we played with Tracey, we were VERY nice to her!
And, we never mentioned that instance to her again although chances are, none of us ever forgot it ~ I know I didn’t!

( So, maybe that little fuzzy baby up there doesn’t want me to hold it after all!
Who’s the city kid now?! )


16 Responses to “Cute But A Little Bit Naughty.”

  1. she was probably traumatized for life!

  2. šŸ˜Æ

    I;ll bet that city girl never picked up a goose again!
    Cute pic!

  3. ~Ahah!!! Now that I know the story…you are grounded. No partying or vacations for you missy. I will find plenty of chores to occupy your time and give you time to think about what you have done. LOL You always have been a free spirit and I love you for that. You are the best and I love the photo.

  4. awwww….poor scared girls! lesson learned…lol.

    and AWESOME photo

    • Awwwww, thanks, Brandi!
      And, just this week my mom and dad both learned of that story for the first time!

      My mom told me that I was grounded!


  5. i love this story from your childhood. while i can’t say i have had the exact same experience, it perfectly evokes some of those complicated lessons we learn as kids that shape us and the way we interact with people for all the years to come. my version involved a dare to throw a coke can off the apartment balcony (9 floors up) intending for it to make it to the river…… instead, it hit someones car window and shattered it. i never got caught, but in a way that is probably why the guilt truly stuck with me… it really made me consider more carefully when “fun” might be at the expense of someone else…

    and, btw, those little goslings are ADORABLE…. i can totally understand the temptation. šŸ™‚

    • Laura,
      Very true about learning about consequences…I’m glad that your can didn’t hit someone in the head! eep ~ we all do silly things as kids. Thanks for peeking and posting your experience!
      And, the babies are so cute that I am tempted still today!
      Though, I’d NEVER grab one ~

  6. Bella,
    What a sweet story with many potent reminders of how to “embrace” others tenderly, with care and even a dose of caution when necessary. Not everyone wants to be held physically. But we can hold them close to our hearts which is what you seemed to do with your friend and also little creatures from then on. You are so dear!

    This summer we had a finch nest in a fuschia basket on our porch. We did not want to move the nest, but I also did not want to sacrifice my plant! We would gently approach the basket to lift it down to water it and the mom would fly away. We never touched the nest, eggs or birds. We were very quiet and humble when we did the watering. In a few minutes she’d fly back in and settle back down. We earned her trust. All the babes flew the nest one day when we weren’t looking. We felt like proud grandparents. Now we have a cardinal nest in our climbing rose bush on the other side of the porch. Geez! I guess the word spread about doting grandparents. We love this….and our very special nature connection. One of reverence. You have that. xoxo

    • Oh, Jan,
      Your story about the mother bird and babies makes my heart swell right up with happiness today! Thanks for sharing that. I love that you you cherish your very special nature connections. And, you are right ~ I have that, too. I respect and adore the creatures and growing plants and trees.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with me, I’m positively swooning over here! šŸ˜€

  7. Kids, eh! We have all done silly things like this. Luckily you were able to have a nice friendly summer with the city girl after the incident, and not be banned from her presence. I think I got banned from someone once, but I can’t remember exactly for what.

    • Jannie,

      You were banned from someone?!
      Ahhhhhh, if you ever remember that, I’d love to hear about it!
      Yes, we have all been silly willies at one time or another, sometimes as kids,
      sometimes as adults!


  8. how cute!!!!

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