With Confidence …

I shouted
Quickly followed by a timid
“Oh, do you think it’s safe to walk up here”?!

Then I danced.

Arms out,
twirling around,
pure joyous energy.

And, at the end,
I laughed way up
there on top of
Motor City.

It was a good day.
A really, really good day.


14 Responses to “With Confidence …”

  1. A REALLY good day indeed!

  2. This is awesome Bella! Keep dancing…

  3. Yeah for Bella!!! Keep sharing that joyous energy.

  4. I like this picture. Glad you guys had fun πŸ™‚

  5. i really like this photo of you… capturing your joyful spirit indeed!

    Another VERY adventurous day with my BFF Amy!!!

    love ya

    • ( ( ( ( ( ( krissica ) ) ) ) ) )

      Ahhhh, it was great have you home and playing with you!
      Can’t wait to do it again, BFF πŸ˜€ Love you HUGE ~

  6. ~Fantastic Photo~You are always such a JOY~You always make me smile and I thank you for that~

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