~~v~v~ Victory Formations ~v~v~~

I once read that birds fly in a “victory formation”.
That, the stronger birds will fly in the front, changing leaders from time to time when weary.
And, that weaker or tired birds will fly toward the back where it’s easier because there’s less pull from the wind.

Fascinating to me that it’s been observed that when birds in the group become injured or haggard, the other birds begin making loud noises and cheering them on.

If one of the group has to land, others will stay with the earthbound bird until
it is ready to fly again.
Then, the mini group will fly together, same principles applying until they meet back up again with their larger group.

I find it fascinating for several reasons ~

* * * I *LOVE* animals so any interesting and insightful tidbits about them I generally find intriguing. (Enough “i” words for you in that sentence?!)

* * * It is an AWESOME repesentation of team work and the power of working together for the positive!

* * * It gives me reason to post a pic of the flock of pelicans that flew overhead demonstrating the victory formation! (Traditionally in the shape of a “V”, but I’m not really a traditional chick on all matters so don’t expect my bird pics to be traditional either, k?! )

I thought of the Victory Formation tonight when I went playing on Cirklagirl’s Blog.
To my complete surprise, she had posted a touching and sweet post about me!
To see it on her blog, click here ~

Being inspirational,
uplifting others,
beautiful teamwork ~
is part of what makes this world sing!

Not just coexisting but
adorning each other with goodness
and swirling around the magic!

Cirklagirl Amy,
Thank you for being one of the strong, gorgeous, encouraging birds to me ~
I hope that I, too, can engage others in uplifting and magnificent flights soon.

Honking from the back of the formation,
Your #10 Humpday Hero,

*silly, grateful grin with slightly leaky eyes*


4 Responses to “~~v~v~ Victory Formations ~v~v~~”

  1. Awww! I had to laugh when I saw this because I usually let people know but I had completely forgotten to tell you! Thanks so much for the sweet notes. You really deserve the Hump Day Hero status! I just love your blog. Your one about your grandparents was so touching. You really are a hero. I will follow you in a flock any old time!

  2. Another thing… I love this thing that birds do. It is just so cool. It is also really cool when humans do it. In the blogging world, I am so impressed with how many people have banded together and really made a community out here. It is really cool. Things like your blog party and Brandi’s Joy Rebel MOVEMENT are what makes this really fun. Speaking of Brandi, you should check out her latest venture… they have created a really fun affirmation deck scavenger hunt! Totally cool.

  3. This is an awesome post! I know some of my most joyful and inspiring moments in business, creativity or just life in general have been when networks of people band together in common interest and decide that they are going to be success accelerators for each other!

  4. So wonderful!

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