Got Radishes?!


 There are holidays that many observe.
And, then there are others that many in the world don’t even know about.
Such describes a holiday that
I’ve known my whole life.

Last night I celebrated a day that my family observes every year ~
The Manchester Chicken Broil!
It’s always the third Thursday in July.
We meet at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.
A couple of the guys in the family will head to the fairgrounds down the street with a wagon.
There, they’ll get boxed chicken dinners for everyone.
It’s a family tradition!

In a small, farm town of about 3000, it’s amazing to me that they serve
about 15,000 dinners and have over 500 volunteers! The village where
I grew up is so cute and filled with many wonderful memories and I adore
making the 45 minute drive out of the city to get there.

And, they make the best german cole slaw ~ just ask my cousin Chase!

The meals come with radishes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of my family eat them.
Maybe my cousin Jake once?
We all shower Grandpa with them ~
The ones he’s holding up there
are from 3 meals alone.
I think he’ll have enough for weeks!


3 Responses to “Got Radishes?!”

  1. yay for family traditions!

  2. We just got back from our little town’s favorite festival… they have a fire dancing show where these women dance to tribal music with firey hula hoops and fans and such. Very cool. Then they play music while they do one of the world’s best firework shows. Same music every year but we just love it! Everyone sings along and the whole town turns up for the show. Community gatherings are so fun, aren’t they?

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