Would it be wrong?

Would it be wrong to have children just so that I
could follow them around and photograph them
when they’re being totally cute???!



8 Responses to “Would it be wrong?”

  1. Not as long as you share their sweet photos with the rest of us. You have beautiful shining stars.

  2. puppies work just as well. lol!

  3. ha! I’ve thought the same thing…

  4. lol. I’m always too shy to ask kids’ parents if I can photograph them, so, yeah, maybe having your own is a lot easier.

  5. LOL

    I like Your website. It is interesting and fun. I want to add to my favorites!

  6. If you have to ask the question….I’d say YES!

    Cute pics….such joy and innocence. Precious!

  7. did YOU do this photo collage???? LOVE IT!!!!

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