~ : ~ Things That Bring Joy ~ : ~

* Splashing in puddles in my
polka dot rainboots tonight *

* All of the awesome Joy Rebel Blog Partiers *

* Thunderstorms *

* Eating cotton candy before lunch with my niece and nephew at the zoo (it’s our tradition!) *

* Children’s giggles when you make silly faces *

* Surprise, sincere compliments *

* Long phonecalls from a friend *

* My cat’s pink pads on the bottom of her paws *

* Super fast rollercoasters that take your breath away *

* A critically ill patient that makes a miraculous recovery *

* Watching fireworks *

* Getting messy while eating watermelon in July *

* Comments on a blog *

* Loud music just when you need it *

* Unconditional love *

* Colorful anything ~ art, people, bedspreads, houses, clothing *

* Fireflies in a country field *

* Baby toes *

* The world of blogs *

* Time spent around a campfire *

* A great photo *

* Finding seaglass *

* Standing beneath a huge old tree looking up *

* Birthday cake *

* Getting up and actually exercising instead of almost exercising *

* Great big belly laughs *

* Clean sheets *

* Christmas lights *

* A smile *

* Vacations *

* Living in freedom *

* Having all your bags packed knowing that you get to play with some of your girlfriends
all weekend long *

These are a few things that bring me joy ~
I’d love to hear some of yours!


5 Responses to “~ : ~ Things That Bring Joy ~ : ~”

  1. Hi Bella,
    What a fun list! (I’m liking especially the idea of standing under that big oak, and looking up!)

    I’ll add:
    enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise in the morning
    a big juicy blackberry, fresh from the bush
    an unexpected letter in the mail
    chocolate milk

  2. Bella,
    I love your dear little boots–and your list. It reminds me of the lyrics from the Sound of Music song, “My Favorite Things.”Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Fine copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.” And on we go. I have a very long list of all the things that bring me joy, simple things. But to keep this short, I will list 5 things, just for today.

    The enormous bald eagle who graced our beach.
    Warm pjs. (It’s freezing here and it’s July. Geez!)
    Pale pink roses on the vine in the yard
    Morning kisses from my husband.
    Taking my college-aged daughter out to pizza for lunch. Yum.

    Life is good. Awake is good! En-Joy your day!

  3. very cool photo. so cute for a card

  4. those polka dots boots rock!! how fun is this post!

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