{ I Spontaneously Became A Fish }

Yep, I became a fish today ~

I’m taking an online course by the
uber talented Marisa over at http://creativethursday.typepad.com
and the course is called In The Fish Bowl !

My awesome friend, Kris, who by the way, is an incredible interior designer, shared the link to the class recently and I spontaneously signed up!

Our first class was tonight and it’s proving to be a blast already leaving me excitedly daydreaming over questions like ~

Why do you love what you create?

What are you doing when
you lose track
of all time?

And, other imaginative ponderings…

Tonight I’m overjoyed
to be swimmin’ in the fishbowl with
other like minded creative fishies!

And, hopefully you have something
that you’re excited about today, too!
I’d love to hear what it is ~

* I Hope That You Have A Happy Day *


9 Responses to “{ I Spontaneously Became A Fish }”

  1. Hi! I’m in the class too, havn’t listened to anything as I am afraid it will wake me up 🙂 I am planning on listening tomorrow during the day. Are you interested in swapping something for some Japanese Sea Glass? I have a huge container of glass I collected in OKinawa, I would be willing to share a few pieces!

  2. not a whole lot of people know this about me, but i like to knit. i find it a really relaxing and creative outlet. i can, and have, spent entire days sitting on the back porch with my cat. just knitting, watching the birds and sipping a cup of tea.

  3. that photo is beautiful!!

    the class sounds like total fun. hooray you!

  4. so nice to *meeet* you, bella!

    😉 pixie

  5. I’m so excited that you are already enjoying class this much already! Thank you Bella ~ so happy to have you in the fish bowl 🙂

  6. Hey Bella, I’m in the class too and loving it also, I plan to work on my questions some more over the weekend. Hope yours in great!

  7. I’m grinning from ear to ear. :):):):)

  8. hey Bella! I’m in class with you and I’m just getting to all of the videos and links, etc. I’m loving it!!! And, your comments always seem to stick out to me. You seem to be a fun and energetic person!!! See ya ’round the fishbowl!

    woot woot!!!

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