There’s a part of me out there ~

I left it that morning, I’m convinced.
A tiny piece that was so completely overjoyed that it leapt out of me and lives on,
dancing happily in the
strands of green grass.

It was early,
the earth and all things growing
just coming alive for the day.

In the foggy mist,
there she was.
A mama doe
with her fawn.

She bathed herself in the new light, lapping up
the cool dew on her tongue,
leaving cute, little patches of fur
sticking up at funny angles on her back.

She saw me.
I crooned softly to her
and she was unafraid.

Just steps away,
she turned her attention toward her baby
and lovingly bathed and nuzzled the fawn.

It was one of those moments,
alone in the middle of nature.

One of the moments where
you feel so incredibly alive.
Where joy ripples throughout your body
ten thousand times faster than
your blood could ever be pumped.

Where you want to sing,
laugh and hug everyone in the world all at the same time.

Where it’s all so magical and you never want it to come to an end.

And, I guess it all really never has to end because there’s always that little part of me out there dancing in the grass ~



4 Responses to “There’s a part of me out there ~”

  1. ~How delightful~You are such an inspiration~

  2. I felt like I was right there! That pic is so cute! πŸ™‚

  3. my little piece is right there beside you Bella…
    swirling & twirling in the mist
    singing it’s song……
    cherishing…..all the beauty that abounds before us!
    bless you girl! Truly!

    enjoy your adventure!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful replies that I appreciated and deep sighed with gratefulness and a happy face ~ Like this, only a little less yellow! ——> πŸ˜€

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