~ Happy Birthday Cowgirl Sarah! ~

She was double dog dared.
I think she would have done
it even without the “double dog” part.
Just a plain dare, you know?

She’s like that,
my friend Sarah.

After all, it hasn’t been that many months
since she bundled a puppy we’d rescued,
masqueraded the pup as her baby and brought
her into a packed Hooters for dinner!

Anyway, back to the double dare.
It was summertime and the deck outside was crowded.

She skipped up to the penny pony and
with all the tourist’s kids watching, she rode
it with gleeful abandon!

How we laughed and laughed ~
(I especially love the little admirer to her right…
he watched her intently the whole time!)

Just one of the many awesome memories with
♥ Sarah. ♥

* ~ * ~ * Happy Birthday * ~ * ~ *

May this be an incredible start
to a very magical year for you ~


10 Responses to “~ Happy Birthday Cowgirl Sarah! ~”

  1. Love the look on that kid’s face.

  2. does that badge say “I’m masquerading as a grownup!” Happy birthday Sarah!

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! Can’t wait to celebrate with you one week from today!!! I love you!

  4. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

  5. happy birthday sarah!

  6. Happy Birthday Sarah! What a fantastic story!!

  7. Hope it was a great day, you Super Clever, Inventive, Fast, Curious, Articulate, Typical Gemini Sistah ! xoxooxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. Yaaaaaaaaaay for birthday wishes! 😀

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