{ { { RaNdOmS } } }

By Bella

May 29, 2009

Category: May 2009


So, I dreamt that I was rescuing a dog and I was running after it and I must have somehow popped myself in the face during all of this because I woke up with a black eye! (see above)

This makes me –giggle–

I love to hear Adam Lambert sing ~ *sigh*

Inspiration and creative eye candy rule in this

Uber excited about playing ^ ^ here ^ ^ soon

When I get a pocket camera to tote around, I want one of these, too cute…

~ Simply precious ~


One of the neatest stores!


18 Responses to “{ { { RaNdOmS } } }”

  1. omg! what a shiner! stop beating yourself up bella!

  2. ouch! you’re way rough on yourself!

    The dennis quaid video – hilarious!!!!

  3. I love to hear Adam Lambert 2, he should have won! and, your poor eye! great pic still!

  4. Dig the links + photo. But oh my! Don’t dig the eye, OUCH

  5. Your hair color ROCKS!!!! Sooooooo pretty!!!!!

  6. Amy la Bella, even with a black eye you are sooooo pretty! xoox

  7. FIRST of all…. i LOVE the photo of you and didn’t even notice the black eye till I read your posting. It’s a great FUN photo. REALLY! you don’t even notice the boo-boo on your eye socket. 2nd of all, I like this kind of posting where it’s hidden links to peek at and 3rd of all… the TEARS link is unique, and MAJOR PRECIOUS!!!! P.S. I wish you had facebook or could PEEK at MY facebook because there are a bunch of new recent photos of me on there and also I DELETED M.G. from my facebook and she JUST REQUESTED ME TO ADD HER AS A FRIEND AGAIN!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Krissica and LOL about Facebook!!! 😆
      I’m glad that you like the photo, it is you who inspired me to look at things differently through the lens 😉 I’ll have more posts in the future with linky’s in them for you 😀 Love you ~

  8. This is one of the most beautiful and unique pics I have EVER seen of you….
    and Carries right man….that hair color is WAY beautiful!!!!

  9. Nice, I can’t recall, oh yes, I got one once from spud.

  10. Oh, ouch ~ that sounds like it could have been very painful!

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