This Night.

This night was filled with
margaritas in the sunlight
and after sunset.
A beautiful waitress named
Kelly who told us about
getting tattooed in the
back of a van

Feeling relaxed and a bit sassy,
Paige and I decided to
get some spontaneous

Kelly asked around and
found someone in the kitchen
who recommended the
tattoo parlor
in a fun, edgy part of town
where Tom, Paige’s sweet fiance’
drove us.

That’s where we met Ryan,
the incredible piercer who
immediately made
us feel comfortable.

She wore a lower cut tank top
which revealed all of her colorful
tattoos. Her eyelids had perfectly
applied blue eyeshadow on them
and she had an air
of cool sexiness about her.

Ryan shared about her husband,
son and various piercing stories,
asking me if I was still with her
when I didn’t move as she pierced my
tragus. (I’m good like that when people
are putting the equivalent of a large hook
anywhere through my body!)

When it was through,
I loved my little ear adornment
as much as Paige loved hers
in her new rook piercing.

This night was ended celebrating back
where we started and with me being
grateful for spontaneous time spent
with a treasured friend.

* * * Click to see my tragus piercing * * *

* * * Click to see Paige’s rook piercing * * *


18 Responses to “This Night.”

  1. :-))) Pix???

  2. This post ROCKS!!!! But ahem….what exactly is your tragus???? Do I want to know? 😉

  3. Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

  4. I once saw a woman with a diamond in each tragus. Looked pretty cool.

  5. so did you only get 1 piercing amy???? wow, you’re really getting “edgy” all of a sudden. lol

  6. Edgy and wild!
    Love the location of the piercing.
    You rock, Beller! xoxooxoxoxo

  7. ps: does it hurt to pierce a tragus?

    • It did hurt somewhat when getting pierced but it was pretty quick. It’s sore when I have to clean it and move it twice daily but at other times I don’t feel it 😀

  8. ~~~Wow~~~How cool this is~~~

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