~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inspiration ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I recently finished my collage paper bag album which is part of a round robin exchange. Basically, we make an album with a theme and mail it to the next “round robiner”. They create in it, mail it forward and on and on until it returns to you! At the end, everyone gets their original book back filled with artistic surprises!

My theme is

What Inspires You?

It is inspiration which facillates victories,
fantasies and turns imagination into reality.
It is the best part of your day.
It is what keeps us going when life is difficult, when the sadnesses try to overtake our souls.
It is the colorful dancing beat in our drab, monotone times.
It is what makes waking up worth it.
Inspiration creates smiles, laughter and joy
that fills up and makes every part of our being come alive.
It is the whisper of happiness that comes to us in a quiet moment
and the roar of one hundred thousand
It is the sparkle that births dreams come true and
gives us reason to go on.

~ * ~ Some of my inspirations ~ * ~

~ When People Are Kind To Each Other ~

~Dreams Of My Future ~

~ Family ~

~ The Eiffel Tower ~

~ Creating Art ~

~ Originality ~

~ Seaglass ~

~ Travelling To New Places ~

~ The Seashore ~

~ Uplifting and Inspiring Others ~

~ Photographing Beautiful Things ~

~ Uncondiitonal Love ~

~ Sand in Between My Toes ~

~ Cute Skirts ~

vLaughter ~

~ Colorful Tiles ~

~ Long Bubblebaths ~

~ Tidbits Of Nature ~

~ Sidewalk Chalk ~

~ Hearing The Sound Of Waves ~

~ Decorating ~

~ http://www.SheSleepsWithSeaGlass.com ~

~ Watching Things Grow ~

~ Photographing Things That Become Beautiful When Photographed ~

~ Seashells ~

~ Making Little Patients At Work Laugh ~

~ Watching Animals ~

~ Money ~

~ Painting Things ~

~ My Kitty’s Excitement When I Come Home ~

~ Pretty Little Earrings ~

~ Those Who Help Others ~

~ True, Pure Joy ~

There Are So Many Things That Inspire Me!
Now, I’d Love To Hear Some Of Yours ~


8 Responses to “~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inspiration ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

  1. YOU inspire me!!! I Love to go to the Fabric Store…so many fabrics…so many creations for me to consider and sending a SPECIAL person $$$ to get some Coffee…tee hee hee. Your are FANTASTIC!!!

  2. *people being kind to on another*the way the air smells just before it rains*wearing beautiful clothes and jewelrythat expresses who I am*makinig pots*thinking about making pots*dreaming about making pots*ANYTHING to do with making pots*belly laughs*unplanned adventures*waves*creativity in all it’s forms*Ani Difranco music and lyrics*seeing a child discover something for the first time*people who keep a childlike spirit and experience wonder and awe in life*cooking creative and yummy food*gardening*my kitty*sitting by a fire*nature*possibility*hope*uncommon courage that is manifested in all sorts of ways*finding that well inside of you where there is an unlimited supply of everything you need*truth*candid photography*community*traveling*storytellers*the way my lover’s eyes never seem quite the same color*this blog*friends like you*

  3. I am inspired just by being here,nature,love,cityscapes,painting,art,things that smell clean and good,fresh fruit, and many others! Thanx

  4. summer tans~well worn jeans that fit perfectly~white cotton~
    chivalrous men~summer rainstorms, enjoyed from dry porches~
    cocktails with girlfriends~sending surprise snail mail~
    dogs that look at me with love!

  5. I love your list, InspirationalSarah! πŸ˜€

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