Dear Mom,

By Bella

May 10, 2009

Category: May 2009


I know it hasn’t always been easy raising such a wild little curly haired girl like me!

Thanks for not being too angry when you found me creating a huge masterpiece with red permanent marker on the wall. I wonder how many coats of paint the new owners had to use to cover it years later!

Thank you for loving me even though I made faces in most of the professional photographs that you had taken of me.

I’m really, really sorry that when I entered the world that I came out with not only my head but my shoulder at the same time. I have never been very good at subtle entrances since, either!

Thanks for finding humor when you found out that your favorite pen, the expensive one that I wasn’t supposed to touch, was accidentally flushed down the toilet by me. And, that other time, I have no idea how the purple Cabbage Kid undies were flushed down the toilet requiring a professional plumber to come repair it, but I know that somehow I did it.

Thanks for being gentle with me when my kindergarden teacher called to tell you that I had stood on our horseshoe shaped table and announced to the whole class that there was no Santa Claus! And, failing to stop loudly talking about it, upsetting the classroom to tears, I earned my first visit to the principal’s office. Thanks for seeing the humor in that and not getting angry. It is now one of my favorite childhood memories and a great one to share around Christmas time!

Thank you for listening to me read to you while we were driving in the car, when you were cooking, laying in the sun or showering! Because of your patience (only later as a nanny listening to new readers did I come to appreciate the many times that you listened to me read ~ it’s painful, sometimes!), I became an excellent reader.

I’m sorry for eating all of the frosting off of my fourth birthday cake before anyone could see your beautiful creation! Mom, I saw it and it was truly beautiful. All of it including the sun which tasted the very best….YUM!

Thanks for gifting me that room with the fun, lime green carpet that was designated just for playing in!
(My Barbie’s also want to thank you for gifting them your old 8 track player because when they would break up with Ken, singing to the Carpenters full blast always made them feel a little bit better. )

Overall, I think that we both turned out pretty good. (Ummm, not me and Barbie ~ I mean you and me, Mom!)


Love always with squeezes,
Your wild, curly haired finger painter!


11 Responses to “Dear Mom,”

  1. Hi Amy, Cute stories.

  2. Hello My Wonderful Daughter…You are my ‘Sunshine’. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments and your cheerful and sweet disposition. We need to update that picture. LOL The world is a better place because YOU are in it.
    ~~~FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS~~~You made my day~~~
    Love you Bunches,
    Mom 🙂

  3. Aww, this is perfect!

    And your Mom’s comment? Adorable!

  4. wow, this brought a “real” tear to my eye! especially when I read your moms comment and the photo is VERY PRECIOUS!!!!!!

  5. did someone say….”lime green carpet”?
    What a cool thing to do for your mom…..

  6. 😆

    Not only lime green
    but lime green SHAG carpet!
    Oh, yeah, it ruled! 😉

  7. Now you are dead~it isn’t fair~I hate it~you are only a memory~Why?

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