This makes me happy :)

My cute 91 year old grandma in the backseat of my aunt’s compact car, sitting in the middle seat and to the right of her, my younger cousin, Korry.

There were 5 of us squashed together in there (!), on our way to a mother~daughter dinner.

Grandma left me a voicemail the day before asking me to go. How could I refuse? There’s just something magical about spending time with those who love you deeply,
the women of your tribe.


10 Responses to “This makes me happy :)”

  1. This made me happy too,love it!

  2. My father’s mother is lovely, but she lives 1,000 miles away. My mother’s mother is . . . well . . . unpleasant. And she lives down the street. Such is life, no?

    • Ugh.

      Reminds me of that Alanis Morrissette song “Ironic”…
      Is that song stuck in your head now?
      Do you hate me?
      Just a little bit?


  3. You are deeply blessed!

  4. so freaking adorable! btw, I browsed through some of your other entries and you are an awesome photographer!

    thanks for stopping by my blog. πŸ™‚

  5. Precious! I HEART your grammie-pie! i like Korry’s style, you know im into ADIDAS big-tyme too! i like her glasses and her haircut. I can’t pull off the haircut cuz my face shape doesn’t look good with short hair but if it did, i would’ve done it a long time ago. She has similar fashion style to me maybe! What was it the other day that you said your mom and I have in common again? i forgot…

    • Grandma is precious, isn’t she? I heart her BIG!
      And, Korry has a cool style ~ you both are original and like fun, bright colors!


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