Lucky Me, Lucky You!


I love the little details in life
and try to pay attention and adore them daily.

The little infant patient that smiles and laughs,
A text message from a friend,
Sunshine on my closed eyelids,
A little puppy being walked by a family,
The taste and color of fresh fruit,
Hugs from a coworker,
The sound of wind swirling about trees,
The feel of seaglass between my fingers…

Today I found three pennies throughout my day
and it thrilled me!

Ahhhhhhh, it’s those little things, when we pay attention to them that all continue to
build, one upon each other,
creating an Eiffel Tower of
“Little Happies” in our spirit ~


7 Responses to “Lucky Me, Lucky You!”

  1. just don’t pick up any of jenny’s pennies lol!

  2. Did you know it cost 1.5 cents to make a penny?
    In 2007 it cost the us mint 40 MILLION dollars to make pennies!!
    : 0!!
    Don’t even get me STARTED on nickels…….; )

  3. I love the details in that pic. I often look at money and think it’s fascinating all the places and people it has passed through….if that penny could talk! In it’s 15 years of circulation I wonder what amazing journies it has been on…..

    • Hey, Carrie,

      Now I stopped and looked at the details of the penny closer!
      I love thinking about what you are saying.
      The last 15 years of that penny ~
      wish we could peek at it!


  4. oh, you like the sound of wind whistlin’ throught the trees, do you??? Well then you’re in for a real treat when your plane lands here tonight. ENJOY!

    and ooohh do I ever love this photo!!! it is really cool like, cool!!!!

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