Pink Hair, There And Everywhere!

One of my most favorite Easter holiday’s took place 2 years ago.

My family was all seated at the small, packed country church that my grandparents attend weekly.

The service was about to begin when my cousin, Korry showed up and slid in between my Grandma and I. Looking over at her, I smiled BIG.
She had dyed her hair the brightest, prettiest shade of pink!
*You Can Check It Out By Clicking Here*

Grandma handled it pretty well, what with service about to start and one granddaughter with electrifying pink hair that everyone was looking at and the other granddaughter next to her shooting photos!

At least we’re not boring, right?!

At dinner, I made cheesy scalloped potatoes usuing my grandma’s recipe and her and my grandpa loved them! Afterward, some of the adults and I hid about 200 eggs for 10 excited little kids, most of them my cousins. It was unusually cold, only about 30 degrees that day with a light dusting of snow!

~ Such a fun day with incredible memories ~

Whether celebrating a holiday or not, I hope that you’re day is filled with laughter, love and memories in the making!


9 Responses to “Pink Hair, There And Everywhere!”

  1. I love her pink locks….I also LOVE the coat you’re wearing
    in that photo with Korry….do you still have that? Really
    cool buttons on it!! Most of all….I LOVELOVELOVE your blog…
    it ALWAYS makes me smile!! Happy Easter to YOU!

    • I love her hair pink, too!
      Yes, I still have that coat ~ I’d forgotten about it!
      Thanks about the blog, it still makes me smile and I’m
      glad that you feel the same way! 😀
      Happy Easter, Sarah Lou!

  2. happy easter!

  3. I came on here today cause I just KNEW you would have a cute post and I WAS RIGHT!!! Happy Easter my friend! I love you and I love your “surprisingly good” blog.

  4. Happy Easter!
    … and I love her pink hair. it’s ironic because I’ve been thinking lately about dying my hair pink. not the whole thing, but if my hair was short like hers then I would for sure. I was thinking of doing all of the under layers light pink then the very top layer would be my natural color, its hard to explain. Also I love this photo, it would make such an amazing, nostalgic Easter Photo Card!!!

  5. Kris….that wouls look AWESOME!!!
    I wanna see a pic of that!

  6. Ooooooooooooh, I LOVE pink hair!

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