Colorful Footprints ~

A few years ago I noticed how negativity was contagious and spread easily.

I thought about how many people seemed quick to pass along the colorless, the dreary
and the muck.

Then I began to think that I it was time to spread the colorful, the happy, the positive!

You know those thoughts we have
about people, the good ones?
The thoughts where we think that someone’s hair looks fab or that another is a great parent, coworker, sister, brother or friend? That someone has a beautiful smile or means so much to you that it’s hard to find the words to describe it?

I started to let those thoughts live as words.
Words sent out as little gifts to others.
I decided that if I had a good thought about
someone that I would always try to tell them.

It means so much to others!
And, sometimes I am amazed at how touched people are to hear
good things about themselves.

* * * Will you join me in leaving colorful * * *
* * * footprints of joy across the world? * * *

Are you up for a small challenge just to get your toes a little wet in the waters of vibrant, flowing delight?

If the answer if yes, then I challenge you to spread the positivity to 5 strangers in the next week.
The rules? Your words have to be true.
If you like their hair, tell them!
Their baby is adorable? Tell them!
Kudos on all the healthy veggies in their cart at the grocery? Tell them!

After those 5, start leaving your bright footprints with those you know!

* * * Happy Colorful Stepping * * *


6 Responses to “Colorful Footprints ~”

  1. Awesome post!!! I’m off to spread some joy! Thanks Amy.

  2. amazing…you are just amazing bella…

  3. Awesome picture….challenge accepted!

  4. ( ( ( ( ( ( Carrie, prisca, Sarah ) ) ) ) ) )

    You girls ROCK!

  5. That’s so true!!! Although I have a tendency to be negative sometimes, like today, if someone looks good I tell them! I say, “You look so good in purple!” Or, “I love your hair!!!” Maybe it will just pass them by, but some people actually take that compliment, put it in the back of their mind, and save it, and then they glow. I know, cause I do that. We need to hear good things!!
    Thanks honey!

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