Because ~

we really all need love
and the sparkles in our souls shined.

Because we also need the dancers
in our spirits encouraged to move
about sometimes.

Because it’s good to spread the happy.

Because my heart is full tonight
and donning wings to take flights out
to all of you ~

Because you may need to hear it.

YoU are a Treasure,

YoU are Sensational,

YoU are Important,

YoU are Awe-Inspiring,

YoU are Groovy,

YoU are Magnificent,

YoU are Phenominal,

YoU are Exotic,

YoU are Gorgeous,

YoU are Dazzling,

YoU are Fascinating,

YoU are Miraculous,

YoU are Divine,

YoU are Bewitching,

YoU are Exquisite.

Because I want all
WhO read this to KnoW that ~

YoU are cHerished and so verY mUch LOVED.


7 Responses to “Because ~”

  1. YOU are magical my friend!
    I love Mermies ornament….: )

  2. thanks bella boo. i needed that.

  3. Thank you for the poetic reminder

  4. Bella, you ARE an Artist.
    An artist of Life.

    xooxoxox Smoocherakis from Brussels

    • ( ( ( ( ( ( Pomme! ) ) ) ) ) )

      It’s grand to see you here!
      The creator of my title “Life Artist” ~

      Great big smooches right back 😀

  5. ( ( ( ( ( ( Sarah, Stacey, Kate, Leila ) ) ) ) ) )

    Thank you, loves and I hope that you believe the words.
    They are so completely true. 😉

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