Apparently, I’m “Magic” ~

Also, apparently, I get girls that I work with pregnant.

About this point, you may be saying ~ WHAT???!

Well, let me try to explain ~ *giggle*
About a year ago I started telling a coworker that she would be a wonderful mom. She was so loving with the babies in the NICU that I could totally envision her to become an amazing parent. I began telling her this on a regular basis.

One day I worked with her and she told me was pregnant for the first time and it was a surprise! She said that she thought of me when she found out (cursing me a little bit!) and began spreading the word that I was some sort of fertility goddess! Six months ago she delivered a much loved beautiful girl ~

I was approached by another nurse who stated that she had been trying to conceive for about a year and could I please spread some fertility magic to her? I laughed and told her that I had no magic, it was just our other coworker being silly. She pleaded and pleaded with me. Finally, one day I said that I would try to send great fertility vibes to her. I closed my eyes, placed hands on her abdomen and with everything in my being sent all the love~and~create baby magic I had in me.

Two weeks later she grabbed me and shouted “I’m pregnant!” and proceeded to tell more women what “I” had done for her! About a month ago, she delivered a beautiful little boy.

A few weeks ago yet another coworker asked for help. Her and her husband had been trying to conceive a baby for over a year and undergoing fertility treatments that weren’t working. Again, like before, I sent her all the positive~create~a~baby~juju that I had.

Guess what she told me today?

Yep, you guessed it ~ she’s pregnant!


7 Responses to “Apparently, I’m “Magic” ~”

  1. you are magic belly a boo, that i believe!

    please don’t touch my belly.

  2. LOL, I won’t touch your belly! πŸ˜†

  3. Gorgeous blog Bella Bella..and what a fabulous story πŸ™‚

  4. WOWWWWW! I always said you were a good luck charm!
    p.s. ~ your writings make me say “WOW” a lot. did you notice?

  5. I love that you WOW alot here ~ πŸ˜‰

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