Making A Difference ~

I went into the pediatric health field years ago because I wanted to make a difference.
I wanted to help people.
I had compassion and love in my heart that overflowed and yearned to make paths to other’s hearts.
I wanted to make sick people feel better, in their spirit as well as their health.
I desired to work in a critical care environment believing that I truly could make changes in people’s lives.

And, along the last eight years I got everything that I wished for and more. Much, much more.

There have been times in the midst of it all that patients have made more of a difference in my life than vice-versa.

Tonight, I caressed the face of a little patient that probably won’t be there when I arrive at work in the morning.  I closed my eyes, sent love to her with everything in my being.  I envisioned that she wasn’t ill and that I was holding her sans all the life saving medical equipment attached to her.

In my vision we were standing in the most beautifully lit sky.  A sky of pink with amazing clouds, some lavender and blue intertwined with various yellow hues.   Dreamy~like and gorgeous, the feeling of serenity was all around us.

Less than an hour later I left work and was greeted by the sunset in my vision!  Looking up, I stared in wonderment at the shades of different colors dancing in the sky.

It all seemed miraculous and I thought that it could mean so many different things.

I think for tonight I’ll just soak in the amazement and drift off to sleep with my spirit full up with gratitude.


10 Responses to “Making A Difference ~”

  1. love you bella~bean (((((bella and patient)))))

  2. you are one of the most beautiful women i know!! i love you bella-boo!

  3. Today I wrote in my journal
    “need some visualization motivation”
    then I put it aside…and opened your blog….:0
    Thanks for the inspiration sweetie!!

  4. WOW! this posting brought a TRUE tear to my eye and you know that doesn’t happen easily to me…

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