I Really Hope ~

that there is something that brings you as much joy and delight
as a brown paper sack from the grocery store brings Isabella!


the bag.

In the day,
in the night.

Run in.
Run out.


when mom tried to take it
to the trash chute!


It remains crumpled and deeply loved on our dining room floor ~ ♥

*Please note that no bags were harmed in the production of this blog post.*


7 Responses to “I Really Hope ~”

  1. YIPPEE!!!!!
    Equal time for Belly!!!!
    This photo should be a greeting card….hinthint!

    It’s THAT good Bella….REALLY….; )

  2. Spending time with you brings me that much joy and so much more;)

  3. great shot.

  4. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that beautiful kitten face. Looks like my Smokey who is no longer with me. She loved a round or two with a paper bag, too.

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