* Happy Anniversary, You Won! *

To celebrate my blog’s
one month anniversary,
I decided to have a giftie giveaway!
So, I created the
“Have Fun ~ Remember Your
Childlike Spirit” Gift Pack!

It’s fun and it includes
all these treats:

* A 2 pack of Play-Doh *
(I love the smell and feel of it!),

* Colorful gems to stick all around and brighten up your day, *

* 3 Paintbrushes, *

* 6 bright acrylic paint colors, *

* A great big seashell *
(You can paint it!),

* 1 Johnson Buddies kids soap *
(It’s silly and green!),

* Little epoxy stickers *
(They make me smile :D),

* A cheery post-it place marker set *
(I use them to mark things I want to revisit all the time!),

* Silly Putty*
(Get out the comics
and make some copies!),

* A bunch of sidewalk chalk *
(Draw, baby, draw!),

* Colorful and yummy candies *

* 4 pieces of seaglass I collected *
(You could put them under your pillow, they’re magical!),

* Neon, fluffy feathers * (Just ‘cuz!)

I am going to send 3 of these pressie packs out this week!

~The winners are the top 3 that have left the greatest amount of comments~

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS tO:

* * * * * *SaRah * * * * * *

* * * * * * kRiS * * * * * *

* * * * * *sTaCeY * * * * * *

AnD a BiG tHaNk YoU fRoM mE! 😀


8 Responses to “* Happy Anniversary, You Won! *”

  1. WOW! ThANx BuNchEs bElla!
    the sidewalk chalk will really dress up my UGLY patio! YEAH!!! 🙂
    …and putting the sea glass under-thy-pillow, just might become an international phenomenon all because of YOU!!!!
    Thank YOU for starting such a refreshing and inspirational blog for all of us to enjoy! Of course you don’t need to mail anything out to me cuz I “GET” to see you super soon!
    xo from me, cargs & trinx

  2. I want pressies…….
    since I don’t get to see you very soon….:(

    What I meant to say was……

    I won I won I won!!!!!

    I love your blog!!
    I love your heart!!
    Thanks sweet Amy!!!!

    • You Won, You Won, You Won!!!
      And, I’m sure I’ll see you soon! 😀
      You’re wlecome and I’m glad that
      you enjoy the blog, Sarahgirl!

  3. iwon? i won! i’m a weiner!
    thanks bella~boo!
    that picture looks like easter to me,
    dunno why, just adoes!
    looking forward to my perssie!

    • You are a WEINER! hee hee hee
      You’re welcome and you know what?
      I thought it looked like Easter, too!
      I think it’s the shiny cellophane ~

      Thanks for peeking and posting here on
      a regular basis, my friend!

  4. Those are so cute. Just like you!

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