27 more sleeps!

Dear cutie~Cargo and Trinket~with~the~tootsie~roll~tail,

I’ll see you soon! Can’t wait to play with you 2 sweeties on the beach ~

If you’re good
(or even if you’re naughty!),
I’ll bring you both some treats! ♥

Love, Auntie


10 Responses to “27 more sleeps!”

  1. Is that Cargos little butt?
    It’s like two little nickels rubbing together!
    What a doll….color me jealous!

  2. LOL!!!! AAAAAWWW, What a sweet surprise to see on your blog!!!!!!!!
    My lil’ bubbas…
    thank you Auntie Amy!
    They are REALLY looking forward to your visit and to the “ADVENTUROUS spirit” that comes along with you!

  3. Two little angels….. what a pair!

  4. Lol….Trinket looks like she’s “wearing” Cargo as a fashion accessory!
    I didn’t know Trinket was so much bigger than Cargo…..I thought
    that might be an aquaintence.

  5. hi Sarah!
    Thanx for commenting on my babies 🙂
    Actually Cargo is the white doggy and he is only 3 lbs. and Trinket is the “nickel booty” lol…
    That was when Trinket was still only about 6 months old and now she iz a HUGE mamacita!!! She is 10+ lbs. now. haha!

  6. OMG Kris….that puts a whole NEW spin on my comentary…LOL!
    Now I think Cargo is picking Trinket up like “C’mon woman….I said
    we’re GOING HOME!” rofl

  7. 😀 ~ Kris
    😀 ~ Tommiguy
    😀 ~ Sarah

  8. classic. great catch.

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