Magic In My Pocket ~

These shimmery clovers are
making a journey
to the hospital with me.

They are destined to
make their debut
onto little foreheads, fuzzy pajamas,
white bedsheets and IV poles.

They will make a number
of sick children smile
I believe
that is some of the
best magic that there is ~


Happy St. Patricks Day!
Don’t forget your green ~ *PINCH*

And, if you have the day off, please have a green martini for me!


4 Responses to “Magic In My Pocket ~”

  1. yay shimmery shamrocks! they look like cookies. mmmmm cookies. (ok maybe someone has been on jenny craig too long)

  2. You’re like a little leprechaun angel. Except really tall. You’re a really tall leprechaun angel that makes yummy cookies. Wait. Cookies? Where did that come from?

  3. Lunchy….Lol! A really TALL leprechaun angel….hahahahaha!
    So….I want some green cookies….I think Stacey has done a
    mind trick on ALL of us….we now NEED green cookies!

  4. LOL!!! Now this tall Leprechaun wants some green cookies!

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