Blend It Up, Baby!

Today started with my new favorite breakfast ~ green smoothies!


I made this one with two big handfuls of baby spinach,
some blueberries and a Fuji apple cut up.  Add some ice (or frozen fruit) and a little bit of water, blend and enjoy!

* * *YUM! * * * 

You can’t even taste the spinach but you get
all the nutrients, which totally rocks in my book.


They are green, sweet, healthy and fun ~

Try one!


16 Responses to “Blend It Up, Baby!”

  1. This sounds wonderful ~ can’t wait to try one (or two!)
    bobbie (from SARK)

    • ( ( ( ( ( ( bobbie ) ) ) ) ) ) Welcome and thanks for peeking and posting! I hope that you love your smoothie! And, if you concoct one that you love, please share the recipe! : )

  2. Aaaaahhhh….you have come over to the RAW side for breakfast!!!
    Love the picture!!
    Making me a little hungry though…..

    • Yaaaaaaaay! I added some frozen strawberries to my smoothie yesterday from the batch that you gave to me ~ they added such a delicious flavor to it : )

  3. Sarah, are you into RAW food? I’m getting into it. I’m glad Amy posted this, I’m going to try it!

  4. I’m a vegan and this sounds delicious and healthy, I’m going to make one. nice picture.

  5. it looks good, but i’d rather have it as a salad. toss in some crumbled blue cheese, walnuts and a raspberry pecan dressing. good to go!

    • That sounds like a yummy lunch!

    • I like goat cheese with this type of salad rather than the blue cheese. But I agree, this is great in a salad version as well! I also like to add cut up cubes of extra firm tofu (for protein) and then use raspberry vinagerette dressing!!! YUM!

  6. hey Kris…I’m mostly raw and doing a juice feast April 1st….love yer spinach snack!
    (Staceys salad sounds YUMMY!) : )

  7. You can also add Mori-Nu Tofu (great for fruit smoothies) to this for PROTEIN with your greens!

  8. Throw in a chunk of frozen pineapple and a little chunk of fresh ginger. Yum!

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