Refresh ~

Find a place to retreat to, if only for a little bit.

It could be in the next county, up in a tree, or in your home.

Wherever, Just ~


Go there.


Be with yourself.


Close your eyes.




*~* Dream great things for yourself *~*


Believe in those dreams,


Really, really believe.



6 Responses to “Refresh ~”

  1. ~*Dream great things for yourself…..Believe those things*~
    No wonder I love you so much my friend…that is my
    philosophy EXACTLY!
    Great picture, this blog is addictive….; )

  2. First of all….. NEAT photo but what the heck???? I can’t figure it out??? I can’t figure out if you digitally manipulated it or if you used a fish-eye or what??? you gotta tell me what is going on in this picture because I am MAJORLY interested!!! second of all… it’s another IRONIC photo because speaking of “RETREATs in your home”, i was just thinking tonight that I need to PLAN a “Staycation” (stay at home vacation) where I am going to plan a RETREAT for a few days for just me at my house and how i’m going to turn it into my own little retreat and how im going to get rid of distractions like the computer etc. and just focus on CREATING, wheather it’s crafts for friends and family or creating fun meals that I’ve been wanting to do… sorry sooooo loooooonnng. call me chica!

  3. Hey….can I reply to a reply?
    is that wrong….lol?
    Kris…..I LOVELOVELOVE the box you made for Bella!!!
    It’s so detailed and beautiful…maybe you should have
    a “staycation” and make another one of those? You are
    so talented!! : )

  4. AAAAAAWW! Thank you so much Sarah, I’m glad you like the dream box I created for “Bella”. I think that’s a great idea. I want to make another one for ME! I just may do that!

  5. … OH AND BELLA… I really think that you “SECRETLY” took a BUNCH of photography classes at WCC without telling me… am i right??? All of these photos are proof of my little hunch and THIS photo takes the cake!!!

  6. Hey Sarah & Kris, my dreamer buddies, I love you both!
    You made me smile and laugh ~
    And, Kris, I e-mailed you about the pic.

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