Senior Citizen.

Emma went to the vet today and since she’s going to be 9 years old in May, her kitty doctor said that she’s classified a senior. It’s hard to picture this little energetic fireball classified as a senior!

Although she probably feels like one right now as she’s resting on the couch. Poor girl got her teeth cleaned, two shots and blood drawn from her neck so she’s a bit achy everywhere.

She is, however, accepting sympathy and presents and was wondering where to sign up for her AARP card.


8 Responses to “Senior Citizen.”

  1. This photo is soooooooo amazing!!!! she is so beautiful. wow, i wanna pay you to pet photo cargo and trinket like that. poor Emma, i hope she is feeling better today. I’m glad she got her little toofies cleaned! Giver her kisses for me!

    • Kris, you are so sweet ~ I’ll bring my macro lens next month and we’ll try to get some cool pics of Trinket and Cargo when we’re heading up the 1, k? And, Emma says thanks for the kissies, Auntie Kris!

  2. pretty baby (((((emma)))))

    maybe merms will share some of her pressie’s with emma, wadda ya think?

  3. Her AARP card! lol What a little sweety, lovelovelove!

  4. Wow, great shot Amy. Seriously great DOF…
    Adorable kitty….she needs friends I can tell by looking in her eyes.
    Be prepared for a FEDEX package.

  5. A FEDEX package with holes poked in the top lol

  6. LOL, Lunchy and Otis! And, NO PACKAGES from either of you two! Emma has a sister, Isabella and there’s noooooooooooooooooo more room here at the Inn, my friends!

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