When I got up this morning, I broke one of my favorite seashells that I picked up the last time I was in Ocean Beach, Cali.
I proceeded to waltz into the kitchen and gracefully send one of my vintage aqua Pyrex dishes careening to the floor.  I believe that it shattered into no less than 2 billion pieces, many of them almost microscopic shards.

I have found not to underestimate the power of their miniscule size as I have been stabbed in the foot with the sharp vintage remnants multiple times today!  *ouch*  Well, on the upside, it looks like I now have some expensive (!) yet really cool mosaic pieces to create something with that will perfectly match my kitchen ~

Nothing to do but to listen to: 
Ingrid Michaelson~Breakable
  (as it serendipitously (Is that a real word?!) came on during all of this)

and photograph the broken results ~


8 Responses to “Breakable”

  1. Stunningly beautiful photo!

  2. Stunning photo and illustration of creating something beautiful from the broken pieces. Love you Bella!

  3. I LOVE this photo!

    Art is PAIN right?
    ; )

  4. ( ( ( ( ( ( Kris, Carrie & Sarah ) ) ) ) ) ), You Girls Rock, Thank You!

  5. great pic, love you bella!

  6. Hahahahahaha. Were you wearing your classy pj’s when you bequeathed your lovely belongings with your grace? Another great shot. Love the colors.

  7. I may have been wearing said jammies!
    And, thank you, Otis!

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