Attitude Really Is Everything.


I’ve heard that a million times,             
  but I’m not sure if I’ve really, really
listened to it before now.

We’re in the midst of cold, snowy wintertime in the Midwest and even though I grew up here, I’m far from a winter lovin’ kinda girl!

I’m more of a bring on the heat ~ I don’t even care if there’s humidity, I’ll wear a sarong and throw my hair in braids kinda girl!

So, this winter I’ve been joking … I kept saying how I was going to try all these winter activities, spend a lot of time outside and really love it. I kept calling it the “winter that I love”.

It’s been a couple of months now and everyday that I have off work, you can find me in the woods on the snowy trails. I have found a peace in the quiet, joy in the small living things and the occasional creature and a happiness that comes from being outside often.

And, you know what?

For the first time ever, I really am loving winter!

So simple.

Completely true, how our words become our attitude
and how our attitude really is everything.

Happy Winter ~ I hope that you, too, are having an incredible time!